Vampires: The Good, the Bad, and the Law


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Continuing in the saga as The Cullen Family are Ashley Greene as Alice, Peter Facinelli as Carlisle, Nikki Reed as Rosalie, Jackson Rathbone as Jasper, Kellan Lutz as Emmett, and Elizabeth Reaser as Esme.

“The Cullens have pretty much decided to accept Bella, but Bella’s really put them in a position of jeopardy. There’s an entire clan of vampires coming to Forks and they’re going to have to defend her and themselves, says Godfrey.

Both the Cullens and the werewolves find common ground in protecting Bella and the human population of Forks and La Push. “In New Moon, the werewolf genes get activated because vampires are in town. Our cast is expanding because we have some new additional werewolf friends that come into Eclipse. But, the werewolves and the vampires are like oil and water… they just don’t mix. We have to actually ask the werewolves for help, which they are more than happy to do because they like killing vampires. But, it’s a tricky situation because we’re asking them to kill these vampires, but can you guys leave us alone? explains Facinelli.

Alice Cullen, whose gift drives key parts of the story in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, is hamstrung in this story. “Alice is quite frustrated in Eclipse, reveals Greene. “Because the werewolves have come more and more into the picture, her ability to see the future is now hampered when they are around. Plus, Victoria has wised up and is manipulating the loopholes in my vision. We know that Bella’s in danger, but we can’t quite figure out if it’s from Victoria or the Volturi or some new army of newborn vampires. So, a good bit of the movie is Alice and the rest of the Cullen family just trying to figure out who the heck is coming after Bella.

“We know that the Volturi want Bella to be turned into a vampire like right now, adds Facinelli. “On top of that we have a truce with the werewolves, which the Volturi wouldn’t be happy about at all. So, Eclipse has a lot of complicated things going on.

Jasper’s past becomes key to solving the present situation. “We learn that Jasper has always been a soldier, even before he became a vampire, states Godfrey. “In the 1800’s, he became part of a newborn army himself, so he’s able to tell the Cullens what’s coming. Newborns are stronger, faster, and they operate purely on instinct. Vampires are at their strongest in the first couple of months of their transformation.

Rathbone says, “Jasper is actually a Texan, which is something we share in common. Jasper became a vampire back in the Civil War era, when he was actually the youngest major in the Texas Cavalry. He was seduced and turned when he came across three beautiful ladies. Their leader, Maria used him to lead newborns soldiers during the southern vampire wars, that were over land and basically looked at the humans as cattle.

“When I was reading the book Eclipse, I was really taken with Jasper’s story, says director David Slade. “It gives us tremendous insight into Stephenie’s universe. Historically in the 1700’s and 1800’s, it would be very commonplace for vampires to turn people into vampires to make an army to take over their territory. Then the Volturi began to stop it. So, there hasn’t been a vampire army for as long as anyone can remember, but suddenly there is one. Someone has created a vampire army, we don’t know who and we don’t know why. But it’s not a good thing. The only clan, anywhere near the area that they’re doing all of their mischief, are the Cullens. So they’re naturally going to come to clash.

“Since Jasper has a long history with how newborn armies operate, he has been enlisted to teach fighting methods, explains Rathbone.

“Out of all of us, Jasper knows the danger that these newborns present, how strong they are, how bloodthirsty they are, how they’re trained, and how they think, adds Greene. “He really teaches us their mentality and how to use our skills and our brains to get around them being much, much stronger than us.

“Usually Carlisle and Edward take the lead because Edward’s a big know-it-all reading everybody’s minds, and Carlisle has always been the father figure, explains Meyer. “But Jasper understands how to fight this battle and he’s in a position where he knows the most, so it was fun having him have a chance to take the lead. I loved writing the fight sequences. In my imagination, it’s just this blur of movement and I describe it like a dance.

“Sitting down with Jackson Rathbone to talk was such an epiphany because he knew Jasper inside out, states Slade. “Jackson is so in tune with his character and this is the first time he’s actually able to express it. When I saw the other two films, I wondered why he held himself that way. It’s because that’s the way a soldier holds himself. He’s very interested in that part of history. Jackson knew all about the Texas Cavalry and we would talk a lot about how the cavalry would stand, and how they would address the lady with the hat off and how you would hold your hat. It was great because he was really into that period and had done his research. He gets to use his natural southern accent, because he speaks a lot more in this one. Plus, he looks great as a cowboy on a horse. Jackson actually is a great horse rider. He was a natural -he rode and it was fantastic. I think Jackson really shines in this film.

“I grew up riding so it was fun to be able to get back on a horse. It was really nice to put my riding boots to test, laughs Rathbone. “It’s also nice to finally be able to delve into Jasper’s back story and what really makes him tick, and really to explain a lot of the nuances I’ve tried to put into my performance over the course of the movies. Hopefully in this film, it expresses why Jasper is usually the one at the back of the room keeping quiet. Jasper has a definitely dark and checkered past that haunts him everyday.

“Eclipse was a great chance for me to finally get to tell about some of the other members of the Cullen’s clan, states Meyer. “We’ve known that Jasper is this serious tortured person, who has a hard time being around Bella, but we don’t know why and where he came from. I was really excited to get to talk about his violent and brutal history. His life was always about war and blood. He became very depressed, which led him to look for a more peaceful world, but he is never entirely comfortable in that peaceful world because he’s spent hundreds of years in the other one.

“Eclipse is about revenge and love really, adds Rathbone. “Both can bring grief. Revenge isn’t something that is sweet -revenge is dirty and it leaves you feeling empty and hollow inside. Love, when your love is unrequited, can do the same thing to you.

The audience also learns the story of how Alice and Jasper meet. “After getting away from Maria and wandering, Jasper goes to this diner and there’s really not a rhyme or reason for it, explains Greene. “Alice is sitting there waiting for him because she can see the future. She’s this spunky little fire cracker going ‘hmm, you kept me waiting too long’ and he’s this Southern gentleman who tips his hat and says, ‘I’m sorry, ma’am.’ It’s really cute and she drags him off to be part of the Cullen family -this nurturing, loving family -and it’s just what he needs because he’s been lost and heartbroken.

Godfrey adds, “He realizes there’s a different way to live. Alice ultimately convinces him to live the way the Cullens live -no human blood.

“Alice and Jasper just work so well together and balance each other out. I think she needs him. He can manipulate emotions, so he teaches her a different part of being a vampire. They’re really adorable, enthuses Greene.

When training for the pending battle with the newborn vampires, Jasper encourages each Cullen to build on their different fighting styles that reflect their personalities. “Carlisle and Esme are very team based, explains Lutz. “Alice is quick -she can jump, she’s just very pixie like, and is hard to catch. Edward is just a stud in a fight. He doesn’t have to do much, because he knows when the punches are coming. He knows seconds before, so he’s just very quick. Jasper just has the knowledge, he knows how to take down a brute like me. He knows he can’t throw me, so he uses my weight and my ability against me. Rosalie’s dirty -if she was a human in a bar fight, she’d break a glass bottle and use it. She uses fighting techniques like throwing dirt and breaking a tree and using it as a bat. She gets the job done.

Like Jasper, the audience learns more about Rosalie’s past in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. “We’ve always felt Rosalie was a bit of a stick in the mud about Bella, but ultimately we discover what her reasoning is behind that, and of course it is more human that you’d imagine, says Godfrey. “Why she is so resentful of Bella’s desire to become a vampire she attributes to her own history, she connects that with how much she lost by becoming a vampire.

“Rosalie’s back story really tells us why she is the angry character that she is, agrees Rosenberg. “She had an incredibly violent, really horrific, brutal death. What the assault and murder of her character took from her was a really promising life and particularly her ability to live a full human existence of growing old with someone and most importantly for her, having a family.

“For Bella, Rosalie’s story brings to the forefront the issue of family and children. This is one of the things she’ll be giving up, adds Rosenberg. “This was stolen from Rosalie, but Bella’s making a choice to voluntarily give it up. That’s Rosalie’s issue with Bella. She thinks Bella’s making a wrong choice and envies her that choice. Rosalie’s story really is important to Bella’s ability to make a mature choice.

“Rosalie values her human life because it was taken from her, comments Meyer. “Alice doesn’t remember and Esme hated her human life, but Rosalie wanted it back. Rosalie sees Bella, whose life is fine and she has her family and she wants to give that up, so Rosalie is just infuriated with Bella. When Rosalie finally tells Bella her story, it’s a warning -you don’t yet realize what you might miss. Underneath it all, Rosalie wants Bella to make the right choice, even though Bella’s a very different person and she’s happy with her choice eventually. But Rosalie just thinks it’s too much to give up and she’s trying to give Bella the chance that she wasn’t given.

Reed adds “She’s resentful because she always wanted to be a mother. She loves the idea of a very conventional, old-fashioned lifestyle -she wants to be a wife, take care of her husband, and watch their kids run around. That’s her ideal life. So to be stuck in this shell forever is miserable for her.

Like Rathbone, the third film pays off for Reed. “It’s really difficult to be a part of something that’s so big, and to know that you’re just a little tiny part of it. You’re so eager to be able to explain why you act the way you do to an entire world of people that are so fascinated with these films. Stephenie wrote an amazing series and there are 800 or 900 pages to be able to explain each character. But when you’re making the film, it must revolve around this intense love story between these two people. Everything else is condensed, so there isn’t a lot of time to explain why certain people act the way they do. So, I know that Jackson and I both have been really looking forward to making this film.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse also reveals some insight as to why Rosalie and Emmett make a good couple. “It’s simple, explains Reed. “He needs mothering. I think that’s their dynamic -Emmett brings out a playful side of her; a warmth in her that’s only shared amongst themselves. She looks at him like he’s a child. He needs her and she wants to be needed. Rosalie wants to take care of someone, because she didn’t get to have children.

“Emmett is my inner child. I’m very blessed to play this role because Emmett is just a happy-go-lucky kid at heart. He’s fortunate to be alive in vampiric form, and with his strength elevated to the 10th degree, he has no worries in life. He enjoys rough-housing and getting in a good tousle with a bear here or there. He just enjoys life to the fullest with Rosalie by his side. He views Rosalie as his wife, his love, and his angel, because she saved him. He really owes his life to her, laughs Lutz.

The actors participated in fight training 6 days a week. “As much as I’m an athletic guy and love doing extreme sports, I’ve never been so sore. My minor muscles that hold the major muscles have never been so sore before. It just blows my mind, laughs Lutz. “I took up yoga so I could stretch out. I get to fight or go to the gym every day, and I get to eat tons of food. And I love eating and I love working out, so I’ve really been looking forward to this one. We have a great stunt crew who teach us fighting techniques. I’ve been boxing for a long time and I’ve done some Jujitsu, so it’s great to assimilate that, because a lot of the other actors are new to fight training. It’s fun challenging myself with some of the stuntmen.

“Eclipse was one of my favorite movies to shoot because we got paid to exercise. I’d work out literally three times a day. We would do fight training, then go to the gym, and then at night, I would do yoga. I would drag Kellan with me, which he is still upset about I think, because it eats into his macho image, laughs Facinelli. “But he has so much more inner peace now. So, it was just fun to be able to like eat right and get in shape and then to be able to use everything that you’re learning in the film.

“I’ve never had personal training for a movie before, so it’s been a very physical shoot with intense preparation and I’ve loved it, adds Reaser. “In fight training they teach us how to look like we’re beating each other up. It’s actually a lot of work. Even to pretend like you’re hitting someone, or someone’s hitting you, is a scary thing. It’s been an interesting ride.

Reaser enjoyed the physical and the emotional work, and how the two intertwined. “I love working with David Slade because he had great thoughts about Esme. He was just interested in her as a mother, as someone who loves deeply. That’s what I brought to the table when we first met. For Esme, it’s all about love and what that makes her do. David’s whole thing was that she’s really strong and sort of this bad-ass. I love that he saw her as a mother and as a woman and as a leader of her family, says Reaser.

“The battle’s been very fun for Esme and for myself, adds Reaser. “It’s fun to sit around and be loving and nice all the time. But, it’s more fun to go out and kick ass and run around. Also, when you love that passionately, you will fight that passionately for the people that you love. Anyone who has a mother knows how crazy a mother can be if anything threatens her children or her family. So Esme is pretty fierce in this movie. I’ve been totally inspired by my mother, because to this day, if anyone says one bad thing about me, she will just take them down. It’s hard getting into the makeup and all that, but you feel powerful. Especially when you put the contacts in your eyes.

“Also David Slade was really interested in the Carlisle-Esme relationship, continues Reaser. “He’s really passionate about these characters in a real way, as these real people that he cares and wants to know about. Peter and I haven’t had a whole lot of opportunities to delve into the relationship and tell the story of Esme and Carlisle. David really stressed was how connected they are and that they’re so in love. The idea of that kind of love is just really beautiful. Actually, that’s what I really love about vampires in general… when they love, they love forever. Even Victoria -she loved James so deeply that she is completely devastated, and that’s what’s driving her. I love that they love… they are hardcore. When they do something, they do it fully. And so I love that about Carlisle and Esme.

“I love David. He’s very smart, he just reeks intelligence, Facinelli adds. If you have a question, David has great answers. He always pushes you as an actor. In rehearsals, he said let’s continue digging through these characters, going deeper, always trying to bring more to the screen. We would comb through the scenes and he’d constantly be posing questions, making you think, so I enjoyed the process with David.

Reed adds, “David has a very specific vision, which is nice. All three directors have been wonderful, but they’ve brought something very different to the table. Catherine has a youthfulness about her, Chris is very composed, and David is very in touch with this material. But David seems to have an emotional investment in this film, and also with the actors. He loves to spend time with the actors. He’s willing to work six, seven days a week just so that he can make sure we can all be on the same page, which is appreciated, because there are so many of us. We all have a different opinions and it’s easy to get lost, especially in group scenes. We need specific direction and that’s something David has to offer. Some of us really like to be directed, and I’m one of those actors, and he loves to direct.

“David’s great -he’s a mixture of both Catherine and Chris in a way, adds Lutz. “Catherine was just full of energy, which David definitely had a lot of energy. He knows what he wants and he envisions a lot for the scenes. Chris is very chill, mellow, easy working with him, and David is just that same way. He has great experience with handling movies where there’s so much to grasp. Eclipse is not just an action movie, not just a romantic movie, not just a scary vampire flick -there’s so many key points in this movie that he is watching over.

Slade found the individual rehearsal time with actor of paramount importance. “We’re talking about lots and lots of characters in Eclipse and there’s a certain degree of inheritance, history that is honored. A lot of actors means a lot of rehearsal and individual attention, explains Slade. “As a director, I try and see every actor individually. In the early stages of pre-production, I would meet each actor on a regular basis and talk about each scene. For example, Peter Facinelli could tell me about how important the scarves are to his character and why. I want to be fully aware of whatever the little detail is that each actor brings.

“Essentially I block each scene out with each actor separately, so when we come together as an ensemble, it makes it much fresher because everybody has a different point of view and the truth of the scene will just arise, adds Slade. “I think it would be a folly to treat the Cullens as one thing -they’re all individual characters. So, I spoke with each one about their characters, their interactions with other characters, what they like, and what they disliked about them.

In addition to their delight in working with Slade, the Cullen actors were also thrilled to be together once again. “It’s been fun coming back to Vancouver and seeing all my pals, adds Reaser. “Every time we come back it all -the makeup, the hair, the understanding of our characters -it all just gets better.

“With each one of these films, we just pick up where we left off, agrees Facinelli. “The whole cast is so much like a family, so it’s like seeing a really good friend that you haven’t seen in a while. It’s like no time has passed whatsoever.

Reed adds, “It’s like a vacation in a sense, we get to step out of our real lives and come up here. There are times when we’re working nonstop and it’s really intense and we’re all really exhausted, but then there are times where it’s a bit lighter and we get to hang out and spend time together.

Besides the director and each other, the actors share another source of inspiration -the fans. “I go on the internet sometimes and see the things that the fans write about my character. I’m amazed at some of the insight that they have about Esme. They’ve been helping me in a way. That’s what’s crazy about this -I’ve never done a movie where I go online and see what some girl in Kansas has to say about my character, and I find it helpful, laughs Reaser.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse finds Victoria – the villainess of all three films -still hell-bent on revenging her lover James, who met his demise at the hands of Edward and the rest of the Cullens in Twilight. This time around Bryce Dallas Howard plays Victoria, while newcomers -Xavier Samuel as Riley and Jodelle Ferland as Bree -portray pawns in her scheme.

“Bryce was somebody early on, even in Twilight, that had been discussed as a possible Victoria, explains Godfrey. “She’s an incredible presence to have around and such a joy to work with. She attacks everything with full intensity. It’s not an easy thing to step into this group of people who have already made two movies together, to come into it new and just say ‘look this isn’t about me, this is about The Twilight Saga and I just want to do the best that I can to fulfill everyone’s expectations for who Victoria is.’ She won all of us over immediately and she’s been great in the role.

“I obsessed over all of the books and I just have an enormous amount of reverence for what Stephenie created, admits Howard. “I feel like everyone here is of such a singular vision for what’s possible with these films and how to reach the audiences in the most authentic way. I completely understand the fascination because it’s really enthralling and exciting and very romantic… very, very romantic. So, starting out as a fan and then now being a part of it, I feel just a huge responsibility to do my best.

“Victoria is an amazing escape artist, can’t be caught, always appearing out of nowhere and always disappearing into nowhere, describes Slade. “But, she is also a vocal manipulator and quiet seductress. As a man, if that was me, I’d really fall for that… I really would.

“Something for me that was really interesting is that in the third book, it’s the first time that you hear Victoria speak, reveals Howard. “Obviously in the films that’s not the case. But I just remember in reading Eclipse, Bella has imagined this character that’s really intense and the first time Victoria opens her mouth, the book describes that she speaks like a little girl. I became fascinated by that -what does that sound like, what can that sound like in a way that’s not going to seem ridiculous for people who perhaps haven’t read the book, and yet still pay homage to the book. She’s very seductive and she’s very intense, but in her manipulation you can hear that she’s also like this little girl, and it’s terrifying. I think that’s scarier than anything because there’s something a little unhinged about her, and when you hear her speak you can really tell that there’s something not totally right with the way that she is.

One her first night shooting, Howard discussed the character’s voice with author Stephenie Meyer. “Bryce is great. She said ‘I want to do something with the voice’ and I said ‘that’s wonderful.’ I think that’s great. She worked it into the scene, and you could just see that this is Victoria. She is not a predator so much, she’s not the aggressor so much… she’s the master manipulator. She does it by being a little helpless. It’s just amazing watching her. It’s really cool and Bryce really brings that side of the character and the way that she’s so dangerous. Victoria’s not the best fighter in the world, but she’s really good at running away, but other than that she’s not very dangerous, except that she’s able to confuse people and get them to do what she wants.

“In the past, Victoria’s been really tough and I think in this film, it was important for that toughness to appear at the end, when there’s a showdown, when there’s a battle, when there’s someone to be torn to pieces, comments Slade. “I think it was all the more power to Bryce’s performance, for her to make the decision to make the character softer in voice and softer in performance.

Slade adds, “Obviously Bryce is wonderful to work with -really open in terms of her ability to try absolutely anything, including some big, bloody stunts. But, this softness was quite a bold decision to make, but I think it was a good one, because it also allowed her to be strong and tough. It allowed her to become that tough snarling Victoria from previous films, at the moment when it’s time to do battle.

“She’s a really vengeful character, comments Howard. “She wants to make them suffer, specifically Edward, by killing Bella. She’s a really powerful vampire and her greatest skill is the ability to evade and therefore the Cullens can’t capture her. Revenge is a wonderful emotion to play, because I think that the most difficult thing for a human being to do is to accept and to forgive. Playing a villain has been extraordinary… very freeing, very freeing. It’s instinctual, because many vampires are just listening to their instincts. I think in the human world, everyone gets so caught up with morality and what’s right and what’s wrong. That’s why the Cullen clan is so fascinating for the Volturi, and even for Victoria, because they’re not listening to their instincts. They’re still caught up in this human notion that there’s right and wrong. Simply put, for Victoria there’s blood lust and she eats human beings, and the Cullens destroyed her love and now she’s going to destroy theirs.

“Victoria is a proper vampire. She’s not doing this whole vegetarian business. Victoria looks at being a vampire as a blessing, where the Cullens look at it like being a curse, adds Howard. “I think that has everything to do with the way that they were as human beings. When Victoria became a vampire she became connected to this strength… she stepped into her power. Maybe she was somebody that was an outsider or was victimized or had evil tendencies, but wasn’t able to act upon them. Then when she became a vampire, all of that emerged. That’s an exciting thing to fantasize about.

Australian actor Xavier Samuel makes his American film debut as Riley.

“We just received his audition in the mail and Gillian Bohrer from Summit was the first one to email me saying ‘Have you seen this guy’s audition? He’s great.’ He’s a fantastic young actor. We brought him over for an on-camera audition and he felt like the right sensitivity and intensity for Riley, remembers Godfrey. “Riley as a human was a nice guy, but Riley as a newborn has to be a leader. He is the main soldier, but underneath that he’s still very vulnerable, because he loves her and he doesn’t realize that he’s just a pawn.

Slade adds, “Xavier’s not an actor that people will know, but he’s going to be. He’s an excellent actor. In his audition, he just reached so many people and he just really stood out.

“Xavier is so great, agrees Meyer. “He was one of those auditions where it just blew everything out of the park, I mean he just GOT it. Every word that he said, it made sense.

“Riley is a character who doesn’t have a huge page count in the book, but from a cinematic point of view, is someone we needed to develop a little bit more, comments Slade.

“Adding more Riley came about because there was a lot of confusion as to what was going on off screen, explains Meyer. “To me it was really obvious, but when I’m confronted with eight people in a room saying they don’t really understand, then I had to lay it all out. I had some stuff written up for Riley, so we went through that and everybody we all got on the same page. To keep the audience from going through the same thing, we’re knew we needed to show a little bit of what’s going on with him. We need to see Riley and what he’s up to, so we understand that back-story. We needed to have a visual representation of his story. So, we have more Riley.

“He is a cool character. He’s a little scary but misguided, describes Meyer. “He’s interesting, there’s a lot going on with him. He turns into a dark person, but he didn’t start out that way, and he is very much punished for his decisions.

“He’s led to believe that the Cullens need to be stopped, because they pose a threat to their safety and their livelihood, says Samuel.

His biggest task is being the ringleader of the reckless newborn vampires. “Newborns are the strongest and most volatile in their first year of life, and make for very good, strong, disposable soldiers, says Rosenberg.

Samuel adds, “It’s difficult because they’re so erratic, so thirsty, and so distracted that they’re hard to keep under control. So Riley’s certainly got his hands full in that department.

“It’s challenging because you don’t want to resort to the clichés and stereotypes in terms of the way that you portray a vampire, admits Samuel. “I think the trick is trying to retain some sort of humanity. It’s a lot of fun. I get to throw people off burning cars and smashing into walls, so I’m having a good time. Everyone hates you if you’re the villain, but no, I’m relishing it.

“We did a lot of rehearsal time, on working out emotional circles and where rage and fear and fury and love all intertwine to try and make a little emotional path through for Xavier, adds Slade. “Stephenie Meyer has back-stories for almost all of the characters, she tracks this entire universe in her mind. So, part of it was working Melissa and firing tons of questions at Stephenie, as to how we would shape the arc of this character, who we needed to see become a vampire, rise to command an army, and to be deceived and played with.

Unlike Howard, Samuel was not always a fan. “I was one of the uninitiated really. I didn’t know much about it, but I had a lot of friends who go crazy for Twilight. One of them fainted when they found out that I got cast as Riley, laughs Samuel. “So I went out and bought the books and madly started reading them. They’re really addictive. So, I’m now well rehearsed in the world of Twilight.

He adds, “Twilight is such an enthralling fantasy and I think people really identify with the notion of the outsider, as well as the whole vampire thing. It’s got all the right ingredients like love, danger, lust, and revenge. It all makes for a really intoxicating thing to watch, so I can understand why it’s so popular.

Filmmakers cast a young Canadian actress as a hapless member of the newborn army. “Jodelle Ferland, who’s been in a ton of movies already at the age of 15, is shockingly good as Bree, which is one of Stephenie’s favorite characters, says Godfrey.

“Poor Jodelle, sighs Meyer. “She gets the vulnerability of this person who’s waking up in a new life and who’s confused and suspicious, but doesn’t know what to do except follow what she’s been told. I think Jodelle brings a lot of that.

“Bree is part of the Newborn army. Even though she’s on the bad side, she doesn’t really want to be bad, Ferland explains. “She’s doesn’t want to be a monster, but she’s forced to be. She’s just going along with it, so that she’s safe.

The Cullens try to offer the young girl asylum during the final battle, but the Volturi have another idea. “Bree does not want to be evil, she wants to be good. They tell her that there’s another way and that she just has to learn to control her instincts. She’s willing, even though it’s really difficult for her. She doesn’t know the rules, so she can’t follow them. It’s not her fault, but she gets punished anyway. The Volturi are scary because they don’t really think about fairness. They don’t care that Bree doesn’t know the rules. “

Ferland was thrilled to be part of the phenomenon. “I love the books. They’re awesome! I went absolutely crazy when I found out I got the role. After the callback, it was like a month later that I found out that I got the role. I was so thrilled. I couldn’t believe it. It seemed too good to be true, except I wasn’t allowed to tell anybody, laughs Ferland.

To prepare for Ferland’s role as a budding vampire in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, author Stephenie Meyer allowed the young actress to read a draft of her short story written from Bree’s perspective, that provides additional character details not included in the novel Eclipse. Meyer also invited screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, director David Slade, as well as actors Bryce Dallas Howard “Victoria and Xavier Samuel “Riley to read the manuscript so all parties involved would have a strong foundation for their characters before the cameras started rolling. “I was pleased that this side of the story would make it into the film, Meyer says.

Slade adds, “I thoroughly enjoyed the story and it gave us great insight and inspired location choices and the tailoring of scenes. I think fans are going to love the fascinating details involved in the loves, fears and actions of an emerging vampire.

“I’m as surprised as anyone about this novella, adds Meyer. “When I began working on it in 2005, it was simply an exercise to help me examine the other side of Eclipse, which I was editing at the time. I thought it might end up as a short story that I could include on my website. Then, when work started on The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide, I thought the Guide would be a good fit for my Bree story. However, the story grew longer than I anticipated, until it was too long to fit into the Guide.

The novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella will be available June 5, 2010, in advance of the theatrical release of the film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on June 30, 2010.

Returning as members of the legendary Volturi -a venerable coven of vampires who weigh and impose the laws of the vampire world -are Dakota Fanning as Jane, a high ranking and powerful Volturi, and Cameron Bright as Alec, her brother; as well as Volturi enforcers Charlie Bewley as Demetri and Daniel Cudmore as Felix. The foursome is sent to the Pacific Northwest to investigate the killings in Seattle. While in the area, they also check on the status of Bella’s immortality, of great interest to their leader Aro, as well as fellow members Marcus and Caius, who all remain in Italy.

“The Volturi are, for lack of a better word, the mafia of the vampire world. They keep the peace and order of the vampire world. They set up boundaries and rules and if you don’t abide strictly by these boundaries and rules then they will kill you, explains Facinelli. “But, those boundaries and rules aren’t always as clear as you’d like them to be for good vampires like us. There’s a lot going on in the battle scene in Eclipse because the Cullens have to get rid of the bad newborn vampires, but we also have to do that before the Volturi arrive. Then when they do arrive it just adds even more complications, because we’re not quite sure if they wanted us to get killed by these bad vampires. We’re not quite sure whose side the Volturi are on.

At the end of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Aro decreed that Bella must be turned. “We’re trying to figure out the best way to take care of a little problem that’s going down in Seattle, and also to check up on Bella and see if she is still a human, explains Fanning. “I think that the prospect of getting to destroy Bella is pretty exciting to Jane. I think she’s anxious and excited to see if she’ll be able to get inside her head once she’s a vampire.

Jane has the ability to inflict pain with her mind. “My character is always dark and brooding, explains Fanning. “I feel like she’s always scheming something in her head. I think its fun getting to be evil and getting to play a character that doesn’t really care about being evil, that’s just the way she is. It’s so different from who I am and it’s especially fun to get to be a vampire and wear the red contact lenses and have these cool costumes.

All the actors playing vampire characters needed 1.5 to 2.5 hours each day in makeup and wear hand painted contact lenses to achieve the distinct look of a vampire. “You can’t see out the periphery, but you look really cool! says Fanning.

Cameron Bright, who plays Fanning’s twin, wanted to have some fun off-screen with the contacts. “The one thing I really want to do is walk down Main Street with these puppies in, laughs Bright. “I’ll take my sunglasses off randomly and see what people think. It’s funny because I walk outside of my hotel and there are eight photographers following me around… I’ll walk straight up to them and talk to them. I’ve been acting for ten years and nothing like this has ever happened. I’m loving it… it’s a big honor to be a part of this.

Bright’s character is a Volturi guard. “I fall underneath the henchman class, and I have the ability to cut off senses. I’m also the runner… I go around and do stuff for the higher ups. We are coming to assess a problem of some rogue vampires getting up to some mischief. Due to the fact that we know that his decisions are being watched by Alice, Aro has left Jane in charge. We are sent out and have to make our own decisions.

English actor Charlie Bewley returns as a Volturi enforcer. “Demetri is this very elegant stereotypical Italian and the protector of the Volturi. He’s fairly unprecedented in the underworld… he is an expert tracker, which means he hones in on the tone of your voice. Unless you kill him, you’ll never get away from him. The Volturi pretty much have a license to do whatever we want to do and in that respect, coupled with the fact that we are unparalleled creatures, there’s a certain arrogance that comes with that, and that’s fun to play.

“Eclipse differs from the first two movies cause it’s more action-packed and it’s also a horror movie really, adds Bewley. “The big battle has the newborns with their insatiable thirst for blood, coupled with the fact that they are very, very strong, because they have their own human blood still running through their veins. On the flip side, they’re naïve and untrained.

Daniel Cudmore, who plays Felix, agrees. “The fact is the newborns are uncontrollable, unpredictable, and starting to do things that are making humans take notice. They’re just getting too close to getting caught and revealing the secret that we’re not allowed to reveal. Humans knowing about vampires -it’s just something that we can’t allow. My character Felix and Demetri really just want to come and get rid of the problem and get back home.

“Felix is brutally powerful – he’s able to just tear apart other vampires very, very easily, comments Cudmore. “The Volturi are very regal, but at the same time very animalistic. It’s cool to go to a very animal side of you, when it’s always been taught to be repressed.

The Volturi actors were thrilled to be back in action and working with a new director. “I couldn’t ask for better people to get to work with again, comments Fanning. “Plus, it’s been really great working with David. He is a really amazing director, and I was really exciting to get to work with him. It’s weird, playing the same character with a different director. But, it’s been really a good transition and he’s really wonderful and really talented. I think it does keep it fresh, because it almost feels like I’m on a different movie, but not quite. It brings a new vibe to the set and to the story, which is really interesting.

“I met David actually on the set of New Moon and the guy’s hilarious. Clearly in his own world, doing his own thing, which I have massive amounts of respect for, and he’s clearly a very gifted, genius director, comments Bewley. “He knows what he wants, has a very specific vision, and judging by his last films, he makes fantastic films that have a very specific stylized way about them. Working with him personally, he’s a very affable chap and doesn’t hold back.

Cudmore adds, “David’s got a dark sense of humor, which I like. He’s really thorough and he’s got that grand scheme. You can see ideas unfolding in his head. He’s always working, always moving. Having someone new come in now, it’s just a whole new onslaught of energy towards this new project. It gives each movie a different twist. Eclipse has a lot of action and cool stories intertwining -you’ve got a newborn clan coming, you’ve got the vampires working with the werewolves, and it all comes to a head in this awesome action scene, which I’m really excited to see.

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