The Humans


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

As Bella’s in-the-dark parents, Billy Burke also returns as Charlie Swan, with Sarah Clarke reprising her role from Twilight as Bella’s hippy-dippy mother Renée Dwyer.

“I like to think that Charlie is the passageway to reality for these movies, in addition to maybe a little bit of the moral compass, says Burke. “Charlie is pretty much oblivious to everything that goes on in these movies, which is ironic because he’s the Chief of Police in Forks. So, I would prefer not to know anything that I don’t need to know. Too much information for me is just going to get in the way.

“Charlie, particularly as played by Billy Burke, is one of my favorite characters to write, comments Rosenberg. “Billy is phenomenal and just steals every scene he’s in. He just lights up the screen, so I love writing for him. One scene in Eclipse that I just love is when Bella tells Charlie she’s a virgin. Billy is just so funny and so real, as is Kristen. This conversation just has that horrible awkwardness between father and daughter, neither of whom are particularly vocal to begin with. Neither are very communicative and he just plays fumbling around the subject so beautifully.

Oscar(R)-nominated Anna Kendrick (Up In The Air) as Jessica Stanley, Michael Welch as Mike Newton, Christian Serratos as Angela Weber, and Justin Chon as Eric Yorkie – are all back in their roles as the classmates of Bella and Edward at Forks High School.

“All the kids at school show a real contrast between the worlds that Bella is living in. This really serious vampire and werewolf world where everything is a life of death situation, and her life at school which is fun and light. She gets to see what her life could be if she weren’t involved in the Edward world. The thing about these kids in high school, you’re all so concerned about yourself. Why would you really stop to notice that they’re all really pale? We think they’re fascinating, but scary and unapproachable. Then it’s immediately back to your own little worlds.

“Jessica is like the worst parts of yourself in high school, just so needy and so desperate, and always wanting to be the center of attention, but saying the wrong thing, says Kendrick. “I think everybody’s got as much Jessica in them as they do Bella. She exists to embody everything that Bella is not, to be the antithesis of all things Bella.

“There’s definitely a light and dark to the whole saga, says Serratos. “You need that brightness every now and then and that’s where the humans come in. We bring a little laughter to it. Angela’s like a little bunny… a small town girl who just loves everyone. She very quiet and timid, but she’s slowly coming out of her shell. She’s definitely more confident. She and Bella have been friends now for a while and they’re growing closer. I think that’s why Angela’s loosened up a little bit more, because she has a confidant who’s similar to her.

“At this point, Edward and Bella are together, and I think we have to accept the fact that they’re being integrated into our group, but it’s a little awkward. There’s that dynamic where we’re a little afraid of them and we’re not sure why, but fascinated. We just never notice that they don’t eat anything, laughs Kendrick.

“Mike embodies the small town high school experience for a lot of people -the hopeless heartbreak that is inevitable no matter where you are on the social spectrum. But in this case, it’s a little heightened because he’s competing with a vampire and a werewolf, who also happen to be two of the most beautiful, powerful creatures on the planet, laughs Welch.

Chon adds, “Bella obviously bridges the gap between the humans and the Cullens, she’s the connecting chain and it’s becoming more and more natural as time goes on. The fact that we’re just completely oblivious to all these dark things that are going on and we’re just having regular conversations that completely brings the mood up. There’s not a whole lot we have to do, it just happens by us being there. It definitely shows that contrast very starkly. They bring levity just in the fact that they’re just acting like normal teenagers.

“Eric’s changed from a hopeless romantic to now having a girlfriend, reveals Chon. “He’s also become a little bit more acclimated to his surroundings, school, and has a good group of friends who are all eclectic, and I think he’s starting to really enjoy himself, but it’s coming to an end.

The graduation party provides an opportunity for the friends to finally get to see inside the mysterious Cullen house. “We’re really looking forward to the party at the Cullens. It’s a huge deal, because we want to see where they live. These are the mystery people of the school and we don’t know what to expect. We just know that Alice invited us, so it’s really exciting. We all get to dance and have fun…Mike and I have a robot battle – a robot dance-off, laughs Chon.

Even thought their roles are small, the actors appreciated director David Slade’s attention. “David is completely committed to making sure that everything feels right and that everybody is really going through what you would be going through at that moment. That’s a great feeling knowing nobody’s getting lost in the shuffle, says Kendrick.

“David is very smart and very funny. He’s very, very specific in terms of what he wants and what he envisions. Which is great when you’re working with somebody who has really good instincts. So, I trust him. That’s really all you can ask for from a director, somebody who you just trust to not make you look like an idiot… although Mike is supposed to look like an idiot, laughs Welch.

“They’re really picking directors that match each book and each movie perfectly, adds Serratos. “Catherine was so Twilight, and Chris was so New Moon, and now they have David. They all are the same color as their book.

“David Slade is an amazing director. He’s extremely specific and he’s very clear on what he wants. He brings that element of darkness that’s very present in this world and makes it more adult-like. He understands the story enough to know that there needs to be a little bit more lightness for the dark to become darker, explains Chon.

“Each book gets a little bit darker than the last, so each movie progresses getting darker and edgier and cooler and faster, agrees Serratos.

Filmmakers have taken some creative liberties with the dynamics between the high school friends. “The humans have had the most leeway because the fans don’t let you get away with anything as far as the werewolves and the vampires are concerned. Everything has to be just as it was in the books, laughs Kendrick. “But the humans… we get to play around a little bit. I’m glad that we got to stray a little bit and find our own voices. And we’re graduating, so this might be the last chance that we have to be involved in The Twilight Saga, so we’re trying to have as much fun as we can while we’re still here.

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