Nikki Reed: Kristen and I are best friends


Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart

Would you trade in what you have now for that?

Nikki Reed: “I don’t believe in regretting things, so I don’t want to say, ‘Yes, tomorrow I’ll just walk away.’ I love what I do but I have moments where I envy my brother a lot and I envy what he’s doing. Yes, definitely, just to be taken care of and to not have to be an adult and to just be carefree and to not deal with articles written about whether or not you can be the most beautiful person in the world and scrutinized by 20 million people, and worry about your weight or your this or all of the superficial things. I’m still a kid. That is one thing I’ve learned how to say. Like after turning 20, I decided I’m still a kid. And before that I was like Miss Adult. And I’m a kid now. I’m sitting in an interview, I have my shoes off. I don’t know if I’m ready for all of this. I don’t know.”

Do you think it’s all hitting you now just because of how big Twilight is and because of how much you’re being examined?

Nikki Reed: “Yes.”

Is that why you’re thinking you could trade this in for something a little simpler?

Nikki Reed: “Yes, in a lot of ways I think that. …You know, I feel like that a lot. Since Thirteen and stuff there’s been a lot of pressure on me to be bigger than I needed to be.”

You’ve had your life examined…

Nikki Reed: “Yes, I’ve been put under the magnifying glass a lot and for a lot of these kids who haven’t done – I don’t want to sound like I’m insulting people so I’m not going to name names but a lot of our cast had never done anything before this and this is a really wild ride for them. And by the way, I am super appreciative and super grateful for all. I am. I’m not just saying this and hoping that you write it. I do think it’s really awesome. You know, actors will sit around and bitch and complain about, ‘Oh I hate this. I hate that. I hate the attention.’ No, we all like a certain amount of that and it is validating. It makes you feel like, ‘Oh, good or bad, at least people are noticing or paying attention or writing about it.'”

Exactly. But there’s also a limit to that.

Nikki Reed: “Yes, and this has been one of those movies [where] there’s been a lot of that.”

And then there’s going to be more, so at least you’ve been building up a little bit thicker skin from this one.

Nikki Reed: “Yes. And I have to say one thing. If it weren’t for Kristen [Stewart], this would have been a lot more overwhelming. But Kristen and I are best friends and so to have her along, not along… I mean I’m supporting her in this. I don’t know mean have her along, you know what I mean? To be a part of it together…”

You’re there for each other.

Nikki Reed: “Yes. It’s great. We’re going on tour next week and just because we’re really good friends they’ve paired us and that’s really good. It’s really cool to watch somebody that you love and care about do really good work. She just did this movie called Welcome to the Rileys in New Orleans.”

That’s where she plays a stripper?

Nikki Reed: “Yes, and I stayed there while she was shooting and I was there. She’s actually coming back for two more days on Monday and I’m missing all of my press next week so I can just go be with her, just because like that’s what life is about, you know what I mean?”

If you don’t, you’d look back on it and regret you weren’t there.

Nikki Reed: “Yeah, man. I know this sounds so silly but I just made it to Celebrity iTunes playlist and they wanted to know…and honestly, we have short-term memory. You just remember recent events and just being in New Orleans with her and sitting in the middle of nowhere while she’s shooting scenes and with my iPod and listening to music. My whole playlist came from that, or from Michael Angarano, one of my best friends and her boyfriend and my rock. He’s here with me all day. We are like that little triangle, you know what I mean? It’s so cool, it really is so cool.”

And having Catherine Hardwicke being the director also had to help you. You know each other well, so was she another part of your support system?

Nikki Reed: “Yes. You know, especially in Twilight there was a lot going on. I mean, she was the director. Any answer you would get from me would probably be the same from Kristen or Robert [Pattinson] or whatever. She was the director. Her and I, there’s this funny little misconception that floats around since Thirteen like, ‘Oh, Catherine basically raised you,’ or ‘Catherine is your step[mother].’ No. No, I have a mom. I have a mom and even though we made a movie about all the mistakes she made as a parent called Thirteen…”

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