Exclusive Interview with Nikki Reed – Rosalie in Twilight


Nikki ReedNikki Reed tackles the role of Rosalie, a beautiful vampire who puts fashion models to shame, in the movie version of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling book, Twilight. Reed is absolutely stunning, though not a blonde like her character in Twilight, and the actress went to great lengths to transform herself into Rosalie in order to satisfy fans of the book. And if all goes as expected, Reed will have to go through the process of becoming Rosalie a couple more times (if New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn movies are given the go-ahead). Reed’s ready to do so, even though it’s a rather arduous process.

Reed’s been acting in films since bursting onto the scene in Thirteen, a powerful coming-of-age story which she not only starred in but also wrote. Well-spoken and passionate about where she wants to go in life, Reed told me in our interview she’s working on more writing projects with hopes of eventually taking a seat in the director’s chair at some point down the line. But for now, Twilight promotional duties are keeping her busy.

You’re playing a vampire who’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. So, when you got the script did you go, “Okay, I can do this.”?

Nikki Reed: “No! You know, the only person that makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world… [Jokingly yelling to Kristen Stewart’s boyfriend in the next room] Michael Angarano makes me feel like the most beautiful person in the world! But I should really learn – we’re in a state right now, you and I – where I still don’t really know how to approach that question. Maybe in like a year down the line I will have like a set answer.”

“I don’t know what it is. You know, I’m flattered. I’m flattered that I got put in that position but, you know, when you’re dealing with a situation where like Edward and Rosalie are kind of described as like the most breathtakingly beautiful vampires and the fan base – you have lots of little girls. I know that he fills those shoes really well. They’re a perfect fit but, you know, I have kind of a feeling that like maybe if there were like 7,000 fan boys that were like the age of 13, they would be screaming over me. [Laughing] So I don’t know. God, it’s really awful.”

You’re right. The fan base is predominantly young females.

Nikki Reed: “Yes. The majority, it’s undeniable, the majority are younger girls and that’s why like Kellan [Lutz], Taylor [Lautner] and Jackson [Rathbone], any of the boys walk on stage and they sneeze and people are like dying over them. [Laughing] And I sit there and I’m trying to be really articulate with my answers and sound like someone intelligent, at least when I’m responding to questions. And then most of the time they’re just like, ‘So you’re playing Rosalie, the most beautiful person in the world…’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ I just want to look at them and go, ‘I’m sorry.'”

You feel like you need to apologize?

Nikki Reed: “I’m not Rosalie on paper. I know that.”

You are Rosalie in the movie.

Nikki Reed: “Yes, I am. And there was a long time where I was sitting there going like, ‘But am I?’ No, I am. I actually like how I look like that.”

Do you?

Nikki Reed: “Yes, I kind of do. I hated it while we were shooting because I looked in the mirror every day and just because I really wanted the fans to be happy, I was like really trying to please people. I bleached my hair at the expense of my hair falling out. I have all these layers done that did not exist before to cut it. I bleached my skin, I was in the bathtub scrubbing for three months before I even started shooting. My eyebrows, 36 hours in a hair chair, contacts, everything I possibly could.”

That’s incredible.

Nikki Reed: “And I woke up every morning and looked at myself in the mirror and was like, ‘Okay, you still look like this.’ You know, it’s like every feature, however you want to put it – all of my like God-given dark features – everything was wiped out. And you just sort of have to look at yourself like you’re a different person, which was bizarre.”

That’s kind of freaky. You could get lose yourself in that look.

Nikki Reed: “Yes, I totally was like, ‘Who are you?’ for a long time.”

Were you happy to get back to being you?

Nikki Reed: “Yes, but you know what? I kind of dug it. I look back and I remember when I came back to LA and I was sitting in with my girlfriend at hair salon right before they put the brown dye back on my hair. I went, ‘Do I want to do this? Do I want to do this?’ And she was like, ‘Yes, I know you do.’ And I did.”

You’ll get to be blonde again in the sequel.

Nikki Reed: “Oh yes, yes, I will.”

Besides being this beautiful woman, she’s not the nicest person in the world. Did you like digging into that part of her?

Nikki Reed: “You know, I tend to play that character a lot and the funny thing is that people say, ‘Oh, you know, she’s just playing herself,’ and it’s so not like [that]. It’s frustrating because it’s so not like who I am, but for some reason people just think I’m really good at going like [giving a very icy stare]. I get that a lot. Rosalie in the first book… Did you read the books?”

Yes, I’ve read them all.

Nikki Reed: “Then you understand that she’s not that. I mean if we want to make this like the big Rosalie story, she really just looks at Bella as this sort of young, naïve child. She’s like, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing.’ I look at her as being like an older woman in my life who would look at me and go, ‘I know you think you want this right now, but you don’t.’ And Rosalie didn’t have the choice, you know? And that’s sort of the darker side of Twilight, is that Dr Cullen’s not like the savior. He’s not the martyr in a lot of ways. He didn’t give anybody the choice to [change].”

True, but Rosalie was dying…

Nikki Reed: “Yes, but who’s to say that you want to live for eternity? Who’s to say that? And if I had the option right now of living forever, I wouldn’t. You know, that’s the beauty of life is like accomplishing things because there’s a deadline. Do you know what I mean?”


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