LORJOU, Bernard
Born at Blois (Loir-et-Cher) September 9, 1908. His father was a newspaper vendor. Lorjou formed his artistic education by himself. His first painting is a portrait of his parents, at that time he was fourteen years old. In 1931 he made a trip to Spain which aroused his enthusiasm; he was impressed by El Greco, Velazquez and Goya. After World War II he contributed to the renaissance of a realistic and popular movement. He exhibited at the Salon d'Automne and at the Salon des Indépendants and, in 1954, at the Galerie Charpentier, as well as in New York, under the auspices of Madame Walter. A recent exhibition of his work was held in 1957 in one of the booths of an itinerant fair which took place at the Esplanade of the Invalides. Critics were summoned by telegram.

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