Born at Collo, a department of Constantine October 18, 1894. In 1919 he left Tunis where he was employed by the administration and came to Paris where he spent three years working in the Académie Julian in the atelier of P.-A. Laurens. In 1922 he successfully took the competitive examinations for the teachers of the Paris municipality and also for the lycée teachers. In 1953 he was awarded the Prix des Vikings. He made several trips to Italy, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Morocco. After an Impressionist period and the influence of Bonnard, he aims--following the example of Matisse and that of the children he is teaching--at a plastic synthesis of object which he achieves by means of extreme simplicity and intensity of colors. His canvases becoming rich in surface thickness. He also exhibited at the Galerie Romanet in 1956 with the group who called themselves "Peintres de la Réalité Poétique."

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