Born at Laval (Mayenne) May 12, 1887. He has been painting since 1901. But, having kept for a long time the hardware business of his parents, he is for many years merely a Sunday painter. And it was not till 1937 that he was able to devote himself entirely to painting. His art is of a meticulous precision; he uses the T-square and triangle, as Aragon, who admires him, notes; but the minute details of his lines, whether they are of stones or tulips, unite a very strong feeling of mass. His painting in new tones is as brilliant as enamel. His favorite subjects are chateaux, small provincial streets but he likes the sea shore as well as the Eiffel Tower. He exhibited with a group of his works in 1953 at the Galerie de Berri a painting called "Le Château et son Miroir d'Eau": architecturally imposing, with a play of fountains reflected in the water and in the foreground flowers delineated with infinite precision. One of his most characteristic works, it was acquired by the Musée National d'Art Moderne.

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