Born of a Parisian family, the son of an architect, July 28, 1917. He went to school at the Lycée Lakanal. Quite young he began to paint, still lifes and landscapes, in an artisan manner which initiates him into the métier. He enrolled at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in 1933, at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts to study graphic art and painting in 1938-1939. During his period of captivity in Germany he did merely a few drawings. At the Liberation he traveled in Belgium and Holland. His paintings at that time were influenced by Expressionism. On his return to Paris he sought for a balance of form and color (Still Life with Dishes). His evolution is directed by the spirit of synthesis: he takes leave of Cubism and also of Fauvism. In addition to his other interests he has worked in the field of publicity and has designed décors. But it was only in 1947 that he devoted himself to painting alone, in a deep need to express ideas in a means other than through words. Today color, space, light are the essential elements of his form and design. His art is devoid of extraneous matter but constructed. If he admires Paolo Uccello, Chardin, Velazquez, he finds example in Picasso and Léger as well as in Matisse, not overlooking Mondrian. He first exhibited in 1948 at the Galerie de France and recently ( 1956) at the Galerie Galanis and regularly at the Salon de Mai. In his tapestries he has known how to free himself from the strong influence of Lurçat, decisive for so many cartoonists.

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