HERBIN Auguste
(born in Dï6beln, Saxony, in 1883). German painter, one of the Born at Quiévy (Nord) April 29, 1882. Began to study drawing in 1901 at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Lille. Two years later he settles down in Paris where he begins to paint, influenced by the Impressionists. In 1906 he exhibited at the Salon des Indépendants paintings whose style made one think of Cézanne or van Gogh. Soon afterwards Herbin embarked on his Cubist period, yet without withdrawing himself from reality. In 1909 he was living at the "BateauLavoir." In 1910 Léonce Rosenberg bought all his paintings. Herbin had an important exhibition at Clovis Sagot's. He was one of the first to exhibit a Rosenberg's; when the war had ended, Léonce Rosenberg opened a gallery in the Rue de la Baume with the sign outside "Effort Moderne." Herbin paints large canvases, juxtaposing geometric forms, squares, circles and triangles in violent and contrasting colors, creating a sort of abstract alphabet.

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