GROSZ George
( German painter, born in Berlin in 1893). After studying at the Academics of Dresden and Berlin, Grosz drew for humorous reviews. Although he had already begun to paint before 1914, it is his drawing that is of chief interest. Grosz was haunted by actuality. At first, in 1916, it was the evil, absurd face of war; then, after 1918, the buffoonery of the post-war years that were depicted in his incisive drawing with its savagely aggressive social satire. He was trying to make his art a weapon in the struggle against the ruling classes, and he simplified his drawing for political action. A number of lithographs reveal his acrid, fanatically tropical art. Whereas in 1918 Gronsz was a member of the Dada group of Berlin, which had a very pronounced political character, in 1925 he turned towards the realism of the New Sachlichkeit. In 1932 he was invited to teach at a New York an school, the Art Students' League, and he is still there today. In America a romantic and idyllic note has appeared in his painting, but his satire is still alive. He first directed it against the materialism of the middle classes; since the last war it has been on a broader, humanitarian basis, in visions of nightmares, like the fanastic series of The Stick Men.

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