GONDOUIN, Emmanuel
Born at Versailles January 29, 1883. Started as an apprentice with one of his cousins who was a master glassmaker. He came to Paris to take drawing courses and was excellent in his studies at school. In 1905 he lived in Montparnasse where he became very friendly with Modigliani. In order to earn a living he worked on industrial designs, devoting himself to a series called "Expressive Heads." He illustrated Goha Le Simple of Albert Adès and painted large landscape having no relationship whatever with reality. During the war Gondouin lived through a period of complete penury before the Gobelins bought one of his paintings in 1920. The following year he had an important exhibition of fifty of his works at the Galerie de la Licorne. He had a house built for him at Cavalaire, he settled down in Sèvres, and a few months later he begins the construction of a large house which he never completes. He undergoes a serious operation at the Necker Hospital. Placed in a convalescent home, he runs away but is transported back and dies a few days later on January 6, 1934. Of his works the Musée National d'Art Moderne has selected his Negress, a large painting in which his deep sensual Cubism in full, muted colors, achieves one of its most beautiful expressions.

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