GILLET Robert-Edgar
Born in Paris July 10, 1924 of Flemish ancestry. He has been painting since the age of twelve. He spent four years at the Ecole Boulle ( 1939-1944), studying medal engraving but as he says, "without enthusiasm." He enrolled therefore in the atelier of Brianchon at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in order to avoid the S. T. O. (Forced Labor Organization). From 1946 to 1948 he taught at the Académie Julian. His first special exhibition was held at the Galerie Evrard in Lille in April 1953 and in November of the same year at the Galerie Craven in Paris. He exhibited at the Galerie Facchetti (Prix Fénéon) and at the Galerie La Licorne in Brussels in 1954, and since that year he has been showing his work regularly at the Galerie de France. He has exhibited also at the Salon de Mai. He has great admiration for Zurbaran and for Chardin whom he venerates and also for Rembrandt, whose Saul and Portrait of a Woman from the Hermitage, Moscow, which he had seen at the great Rembrandt exhibition held in Amsterdam in 1956, he admires more than any other. And yet, the human face and all human representation are strangers to him. There was a time when he painted "à la Bonnard," but later he got away from such a formal aspect. What he is seeking is a balance of strong values which are nevertheless discreet. His canvases have a serious quality without being at all austere.

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