ÈVE, Jean
Born at Somai, a small mining village in the North, near Douai, in 1900. Son of a railway worker, he studied at the public school and quite early in life began to draw. As a young apprentice in a mechanical atelier at Thiers, he began to paint purely for his own pleasure. In 1918 he enlisted with the Spahis, and thus had a chance to see the Rhineland, Algeria Tunis and Syria. On his return to civilian life he began as a surveyor-draftsman; he worked in a foundry, in an automobile factory, was employed on the railway and later at the customs, and always never ceasing to paint purely for his own pleasure. He received encouragement from Kisling whom he greatly admired; he received encouragement also from the group called "L'Art Vivant" ( Jacques Guenne, Florent Fels, Maximilien Gauthier), and thus is able to work with greater liberty. His first exhibition was held in 1930 at the Galerie Alice Manteau. In 1937 he took part in the exhibition "Maîtres Populaires de la Réalité," which was repeated in 1938 at the Kunsthaus in Zurich and in 1939 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Jean Ève is an established artist: he exhibits at the Salon des Indépendants, at the Salon d'Automne without at all giving up his position in the administration. He likes urban landscape: the suburb is his chosen theme as well as churches and cathedrals, which he interprets with a lively poetic sense in an almost photographic resemblance.

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