ESTÈVE, Maurice
Born at Culan (Cher) May 2, 1904. His father, who was a shoe repairer, was opposed to the vocation of his son passionately interested in drawing, while his mother, who was a dress designer for haute couture, encouraged the young artist. To follow his vocation the young Estève at the age of fifteen left for Paris, where he visited the Louvre, fell in love with Cézanne's work, and continued to draw at the Académie Colarossi. In order to pay for his studies, he worked as a typographer, furniture designer, commercial traveler. In 1923 he directed a drawing atelier in a fabric factory in Barcelona. On his return to Paris he exhibited at the Galerie Yvangot ( 1930), but it was not till the retrospective exhibition of French art, held at Göteborg, Sweden in 1934 that Estève sold his first painting. From 1931 to 1939 he exhibited at the Salon d'Automne, at the Salon des Surindépendants, and at the Salon des Tuileries. In collaboration with Delaunay, Estève participated in the decoration of the Aviation and Railway Pavillons for the Universal Exposition of 1937. In 1941 he takes part in the "Exhibition of Young Painters of the French Tradition." Influenced first of all by CU+ 00E9zanne and the Fauves, then by Léger and Picasso, Estève's art, which from the beginning was figurative, turns now towards abstract forms which are always strong and rich in color. After having exhibited at the Galerie Louis Carré, he exhibits now at the Galerie Galanis.

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