Born in Paris April 20, 1925, of Russian origin on his father's side. He studied architecture and painting in Paris. In 1944 he works with Arnal and Rezvani: this is his so-called "Romantic" period (portraits, landscapes, seascapes). The following year, having been influenced by Gleizes, he turns towards Cubism, then is enchanted by Klee. Afterwards he returns, until 1950, to formal austerity. In 1951-1952 Dmitrienko paints principally factories, rhythmic constructions in a range of blacks, grays and whites which will soon break out in vivid reds ( Gennevilliers, Crucifixion, 1953). Les Inondations ( 1954) is of graphic research strongly related to the Japanese. After a return to black and gray ( The Petrified Forest, The Big Port), his palette now is richer in color and his large canvases in strong and precise forms are of an exceptional luminosity. Dmitrienko is essentially a painter of exteriors: ports, rivers, stones quarries, forests, factories, farm courtyards--all of these are subject matter. He has recently settled down in a small country village of Dieudonne, in the Oise. His first exhibition took place at the Galerie Maeght with the group called "Les Mains Eblouies" ( 1948). He exhibits there again in 1949 and 1950. Together with Arnal, Dufour, Gillet, Lapoujade, Quentin, Rezvani, he participates in several art exhibitions in France and in other countries (Galerie Blanche in Stockholm, Hugo Gallery in New York, the Gallery "Palette" in Zurich).

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