Born at Hellemmes-Lille (Nord) May 21, 1921. He began to paint when he was only twelve years of age when his studies at the lycée and those of music left him free time. There are pointillist paintings of his made at the age of eighteen. After the baccalauréat he devotes two years to architecture, but he does this solely in order to be better prepared for painting. For five years, every morning, he draws from plaster casts and from the nude. He becomes passionately interested in the behavior of insects. Either by curiosity or by necessity he has been engaged in manual work of different kinds. Then, one by one, he became a perspective teacher, cinema assistant, journalist. Member of the group of the Galerie Denise René from its formation, he has been exhibiting there regularly ( 1945-1956). Together with Pillet he directs the Académie d'Art Abstrait ( 19501952). Dewasne excels in large mural compositions. In his easel-picture paintings the very lively colors, in striking opposition, sometimes split the frame, in spite of the solid architecture of the composition. He wants his painting to bring forth the joy of life.

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