DE PISIS Filippo
Pseudonym of Luigi Tibertelli, an Italian painter born in Ferrara in 1896. A critic confronted with his work might get the superficial impression that he has never had any problems or submitted to any discipline. He lived in Paris from 1925 to 1939, but without arousing much interest, his preoccupations having nothing in common with those of the other artists of his age. He seemed to be living in reverse, anxious, as he was to revert to the Venetian origins of Impressionism, to throw a bridge across from Paris to Venice and thus hide the poverty of Italian painting of the previous century. In an epoch of serious and laborious researches, his apparent facility is disconcerting.
And yet, just as certain pictures by Picasso would not have been disowned by Ingres or Raphael, a snowy landscape by De Pisis would not have displeased Pissarro, Marquet, or Utrilio. As Delacroix wanted to, he really paints a man as he falls from a window and before his body crashes to the pavement. That is why the execution may appear sketchy, almost stenographic. He is clearly not a creator of forms but a painter of sensations, of unexpected encounters. Chance plays a great part in his work, which comprises some thousands of canvases. It is uneven: every painting by De Pisis is an adventure, but not every adventure is felicitous. Nevertheless, there are many successful pictures among them, which justify the popularity he enjoys among Italian collectors. Writer and poet, De Pisis is also one of the most original personalities in contemporary Italy. He is considered the greatest Italian landscapist of the century, but his love of Nature is hardly ever founded on direct sensation. He might, perhaps, have been indifferent to Nature, had it not inspired so many masterpieces. Reminiscence stimulates his imagination, and his most beautiful landscapes, like Notre-Dame de Paris, Trafalgar Square or Saint Mark's, are those which, for centuries, have inspired the most mediocre but also the greatest artists.

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