Born at Alexandria, Egypt February 14, 1925. Studied in Paris. Tired of trying for an unobtainable baccalauréat, he entered the atelier of Othon Friesz in 1942 at the age of seventeen, and exhibited the same year at the Salon restricted to painters less than thirty years of age (Salon deMoins deTrente Ans). He took part in the formas tion of the group called "L'Echelle" ( Calmettes, Busse, Patrix, Dalmbert, Laran) and exhibited with the group at the Galerie Jacques Blot in 1943. His first exhibition was held at the Galerie Visconti in 1944. Then till October of 1945 he was a soldier. Since 1947 he has been exhibiting regularly at the Salon de Mai. In 1948 he was awarded the Prix de la Jeune Peinture. A exhibition of his work was held at the Galerie Vallotton in Lausanne; in 1954 he exhibited with Calmettes, Busse and Dmitrienko at the Galerie Apollo in Brussels; the very same year he exhibited with Davy ( tapestries) and Cesar ( sculpture) at the Galerie Lucien Durand in Paris. Since 1957 he has been exhibiting at the Galerie Jacques Massol. Cortot remembers the Cubists' example but seeks incessantly a new form of expression. He devotes a period of time to themes that he develops: ship construction at La Ciotat ( 19471950), austere landscapes of the Ardèche ( 1951), the human face itself: all of these are an opportunity for personal expression. He always starts from reality. Still life painting is his unchanging artistic form of expression. He is passionately fond of excavations--chipped flint implements as well as fossil molusc, whose characteristic groove is found in the graphic quality of his recent canvases.

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