BUSSE, Jacques
Born in Paris December 22, 1922. After secondary studies which he would have liked to continue right up to a degree in philosophy, he enrolled at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière and devotes himself to painting ( 1942). He took part with Calmettes, Cortot, Patrix in the formation of the group called "L'Echelle." A forced worker for two years, he exhibits on his return ( 1945) at the first Salon de Mai, to which he remains faithfully attached and is named a member of the committee in 1956. After a so-called "rhythmic" period (dunes, waves), then Neo-Cubist (still lifes), Busse gets away from representation with its rather vivid colors reminding one of "glass making." Impressed by a brief stay at Les Baux, he now paints his "stone quarries" in more austere grays, dividing his canvas according to strict straight lines. Like his companions of the "Echelle" group, Busse has been influenced by Cubism and has tried to adapt his lessons to create his actual form of expression. Since 1957 he has been exhibiting at the Galerie Jacques Massol.  

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