BUFFET, Bernard
Born in Paris July 10, 1928. He was a bad student and was expelled from the Lycée Carnot. In 1943 he took an evening course in drawing. The following year he enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts; then worked alone in his room, Boulevard des Batignolles. He forms a friendship with Aujame who makes him known. The Galerie des Impressions d'Art devoted a small exhibition to him which had no success whatever ( 1947). After sending work several times to the Salons, it is towards 1948 that he develops a personal style; he is awarded along with Lorjou the Prix de la Critique (Galerie Saint-Placide). From that moment on Bernard Buffet's paintings take a predominating place in the art market. The Galerie Drouant-David organizes several exhibitions ( 1952, La Passion; 1953, Landscapes; 1954, Nudes; 1955, The War, three large canvases; 1956, The Circus;) in 1957 the Galerie David et Garnier presents a series of canvases having as subject matter the monuments of Paris. In his still lifes or in his landscapes, as well as in his thin, drawn out nudes, Bernard Buffet, following the tradition of Gruber has always portrayed a tragic and hopeless world. Buffet had done many illustrations, especially in etching, Les Chants de Maladoror of Lautréamont ( 1952), La Recherche de la Purcté of Jean Giono and La Passion.

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