Important Dates in Cézanne's Life

"L'art est une harmonie parallèle à la nature." Paul Cézanne
Important Dates in Cézanne's Life
1839. Born at Aix-en-Provence.  
 1861. First visit to Paris and return to Aix.  
 1862. Settled in Paris to study painting.  
 1868. Portraits of his father and Achille l'Empéraire.  
 1869-1870. At Aix and L'Estaque.  
 1872-1873. At Auvers with Pissaro.  
 1877. "Le Compotier". "Les Baigneurs". Portrait of M. Choquet. Exhibits with the Impressionists.  
 1888. Portrait of Mme. Cézanne in red dress.  
 1891-1892. "The Cardplayers".  
 1895. Portrait of M. Geffroy. Exhibition of his works at M. Vollard's.  
 1904. Portrait of Vallier. Retrospective Exhibition of his works at the Salon d'Automne.  
 1906. Died at Aix.   
The mature of paintings of Cézanne offer at first sight little of human interest in their subjects. We are led at once to his art as a colorist and composer. He has treated the forms and tones of his mute apples, faces, and trees with the same seriousness that the old masters brought to a grandiose subject in order to dramatize it for the eye. His little touches build up a picture-world in which we feel great forces at play; here stability and movement, opposition and accord are strongly weighted aspects of things. At the same time the best qualities of his own nature speak in Cézanne's works: the conviction and integrity of a sensitive, meditating, robust mind.
It is the art of a man who dwells with his perceptions, steeping himself serenely in this world of the eye, though he is often stirred. Because this art demands of us a long concentrated vision, it is like music as a mode of experience-not as an art of time, however, but as an art of grave attention, an attitude called out only by certain works of the great composers.

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